SmallWorld 2007

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What is it?

SmallWorld 2007 is a version of Smalltalk running on the Java virtual machine.
In particular, it is a continuation of Prof. Tim Budd's SmallWorld, which was a port of his seminal Little Smalltalk to the JVM.
I am not currently working on SmallWorld.

What is it not?

It isn't a version of Smalltalk-80, nor is it compatible with the Smalltalk ANSI standard. Where it is incompatible with a Smalltalk-80 system (such as Squeak) SmallWorld follows its Little Smalltalk heritage - for example in the area of cascades (;) and the current lack of Symbols (eg #Something).

Who wrote it?

It is a modified version of the original SmallWorld, which was written by A Prof. Tim Budd and can be found here.
Many thanks must go to Tim, whose work with SmallWorld and before that his pioneering Little Smalltalk form by far the major part of this system, and who was kind enough to allow the release of SmallWorld and SmallWorld 2007 under the MIT Licence.

How fast is it?

Very very slow :) SmallWorld is a very simple bytecode interpreter running on top of a complicated and sophisticated bytecode interpreter (ie Java). Two levels of indirection from the hardware will introduce slowness. On the other hand, because its development environment is mostly handled by Java's Swing code, SmallWorld is fast enough to be pleasant to play with.

2007 Edition

Version 2007.2 (May 2007)

Jar file | Zipfile with Image and Sources | JavaDoc
• added traditional Workspace
• added traditional 3 pane Class Browser
• added False to Class>>classes
• renamed 'Magnatude' to 'Magnitude'
• changed image saving to gracefully handle SmallJavaObjects (references
• replaced by nil
• the image format now has a version number (as I realised it was likely
• to change again in the future)
• created Transcript as new starting point for image
• removed Image and Color classes (they'll be returned later)
• imported Squeak tinyBenchmark methods for fun

Version 2007.1 (January 2007)

Jar file | Zipfile with Image and Sources | JavaDoc
• moved the image file into the jar file, so SmallWorld is now a single jar file
• moved the initial window from file into the image and cleaned up some code
• changed from using java object serialisation to custom image serialisation code
• moved code into package com.russell_allen.smallworld so new code does not conflict with old edition
• split sourcecode into separate files for each class
• created #doesNotUnderstand: mechanism

Original Edition

Written by Tim Budd November 2004 MIT Licence
Version 0.9 November 2004 Version 0.8 November 2002